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ACFE Coffee House is a Philippine-based coffee solutions provider. Providing B2B experience down to your team.
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Saint Nicholas Coffee & Tea
Each bean is professionally rated as ‘Specialty-Grade’ - the highest grade of coffee bean possible. Every bean is organically grown to ensure the rich natural flavors are never compromised by unnatural farming practices. Free of pesticides, additives, and preservatives. Our collection has unique roast profiles for every batch and our beans taste better, smell incredible, and give you all the nutritional benefits that come from drinking the Philipines' best coffee. Enjoy farmer-direct coffee. The quality of our coffee can be traced all the way back to the independent farmers from which we source. We’ve visited their farms, shared meals with their families and are committed to paying them the very fairest prices.

Right from its foundation, Animo has worked with high-quality stainless steel, not only indestructible, but a 100% recyclable raw material as well. Animo has paid attention to saving energy, both short and long term, with the motto: “Recycle to the Max”, and is allied with Dutch organizations weee® Nederland, CSR the Netherlands NVLG and FME.

For Rancilio Group, sustainability is a responsibility which involves each and every part of our business worldwide. As a cornerstone of our vision, it will be a crucial factor in the process as we define a new development model capable of balancing economic, financial, environmental and social interests We are a world leader in horeca industry. We are committed to design, manufacture and distribute professional coffee machines with a defined attitude towards technological innovation and coffee culture. We design coffee machines according to process, safety, quality and environmental international standards.

Our products are infused with experiences in manufacturing laboratory precision balances and designing beautiful consumer products. Upon discovering that the specialty coffee industry had a need for precise and accurate scales, the founders set out to create one that was both aesthetically pleasing and precisely functional. Quality is the key to our products and service model. Our products incorporate high-quality components that are rooted in laboratory scale technology.

Handmade in Venice. Interpreting the needs of the market, offering premium products able to satisfy both professionals who want long-lasting and reliable machines with high performance, and coffee enthusiasts who are looking for the best extraction and a quality final result. We offer top-level equipment that improves the user's work, ensuring efficiency , robustness and ease of use , acting as the barista's interlocutor in the development of the culture of bartending and fresh juicing .

The best equipment for the coffee sector. Mazzer specializes only in coffee grinders and burrs. Across decades we’ve optimized our resources, refined our know-how and focused our capabilities on crafting the perfect grinding machine. Our mission is to produce the best equipment for the coffee sector, professional, functional and reliable, structuring a range that meets and anticipates the needs of the market, improving it through continuous product innovation that makes it at the forefront in terms of performance and quality, producing efficiently, respecting the environment, people and the community in which we operate.